Why FIU?

Program Goals

Students who graduate from the graduate program will:

  • Understand current issues in STEM education across a variety of learning levels and contexts
  • Consider different perspectives in education, including those from social justice and equity standpoints
  • Develop a deep understanding of educational research methods in a variety of educational settings 
  • Identify key areas of education in need of research and appropriate methods for implementing research
  • Implement high-quality educational research and communicate that research effectively
  • Be situated to become leaders in education and educational research who are prepared to work in a variety of different contexts, including academia, informal educational centers, school districts, and administrative/policy positions
  • Become experts in a focused area of education research (e.g., teacher education, physics education, mathematics education)
  • Utilize a range of different research methodologies in education
  • Contribute to the growing body of knowledge in STEM Education